The Big Picture

I am a solo entrepreneur (a “solopreneur” if you like) and while I also work for other people sometimes, I am spending more and more time focused on projects that I find interesting, rewarding, and hopefully important. However, there are other things going on when I’m not asleep, working on these various projects, or growing potatoes.1

I have recently jumped back in to podcasting to take up some of that sleep time, so while each project and each podcast and each other notion could easily have a podcast, a website, a twitter feed, and so on (and unfortunately, they mostly do). There may also be some video streaming, and maybe other interesting things.

So Why subscribe?

The email newsletter is making a comeback in a big way, if you would like to stay on top of things I put out there for the world, you can do that here, or via RSS feeds, or podcast feeds, or a variety of other channels. If there are ten [free] ways to reach people, use all ten and come up with two more to make it a dozen, I always say (really, I’ve been saying that to food truck people since 2012).

Is It Free?

I have mixed feelings about monetizing podcasts and newsletters… I am an engineer, not a writer, so my first thought is always about turning ideas into implementation. If I can write about it and stoke interest and discussion and maybe some financial benefit that way, that’s A Good Thing.

So mostly, Yes.

If there’s an opportunity to accept gratuities to further a particular project or path of some kind, that is probably also A Good Thing, but I have no intention of making a living send you email.


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A reference to The Martian, wherein I have been staying in a lot working solo and talking to myself…


Dan Hugo (雨果丹)(แดน)
Engineer in Las Vegas, working on a variety of cool projects; Maker of Friends, Friend of Makers. Answers to most pronouns, you can call me Al.