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Time really flies when you need to pack up your stuff...

I Live in a TARDIS

If you don’t know what I mean in the context of packing up to move, I don’t know that I can explain it here. If you do, well, you know what I mean.

Masks and Test Oh My

Out of an abundance of caution for my gap move to Phoenix, I recently ordered a package of Abbott BinaxNOW covid home tests (2 in a package for about $20) for a 15-minute reasonably-reliable home test, so I can check just before I hit the road. Don’t really want to bring anything with me to the home base.

On top of that, I picked up some KN95 masks, as I’ve been reading about some concerns that the disposable blue masks we all have 200 of might not cut it every time.

This week is, if I recall correctly, another County Commission meeting to make some determinations about public health policy decisions and whether mask mandates or other mitigations will continue in one form or another. I’m not near-term optimistic about my locality, but time series data will tell.

Speaking of Vaccination Portals

The State of Nevada is allegedly publishing individual vaccination data to an online portal, so that we can access our vaccination record(s) by knowing our name, birthday, and gender. These are all available on your Driver’s License, so when I hear complaints that asking for proof of vaccination is a HIPAA violation (it isn’t), I have to wonder if people know just how easy it is for anyone to check your vaccination status in Nevada by having information you hand out daily at their disposal. Hmm.

That said, I checked my own record and… well, unfortunately I’m not in there. Given that I received my two Moderna shots while volunteering at a vaccination pod in North Las Vegas back in January and February (28 days apart, in fact), I’m wondering if there’s a systemic issue here… there is a phone number to call for support issues, so add that to my ever-longer to-do list.

Why am I curious? Well aside from the obvious, they’re giving out Vax prizes here in Nevada (so am I not eligible if I’m not in the system? You can’t win if you don’t play), and at some point if there’s another booster round, I’d kind of like to be on the guest list.

Does this make you want to check your own status where you are? Good.

How Funny

A little bit of stand-up comedy goes a long way, especially if you’re home more than you’d like to be.

Harry Anderson on SNL in 3 parts, a good sampling of his comedic stylings. I think he had a really fun stage presence and obvious talent when it comes to comedy plus magic, he is missed.

A Mattress Shopping Mashup, aproporiate as I continue on the purge-and-pack journey ahead of my move. I will almost certainly bring my mattress along with me, but the struggle is real.

Mitch Hedberg was, well, this is why we can’t have nice things, stupid drugs. So often his broken escalator bit comes to mind, and let’s not even get into baked potatoes and rice. This is just a tiny taste of his talent…


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